Teacher Training 2013

Teacher Training Open House: August 18, 10:00am – 12:00pm, VY Highlands

Yoga Teacher Training Sept 22 – Dec 8, 2013

In the sun-filled windows and expansive studios of Vital Yoga Highlands, join with us in this supportive and vibrant community to explore and challenge your edge of greatness.  Choose from either Vital Roots or Vinyasa as the foundation for our 2013  Teacher Training program.  Our 200-hour training is led by 6 inspirational teachers.  Whether you are interested in Vital Roots or Vinyasa, the schedule remains the same.  We meet together for philosophy, anatomy, and Anusara principles of  alignment, but separate into our respective groups to practice teaching.  Our schedule is as follows:

  • Saturdays, 10am-6pm
  • Sundays,  10am-5pm
  • Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Wednesday, 6:30-9:30pm

Vital Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials:

A very rewarding experience. The challenge of Vital Yoga teacher training inspires you to rise up to your potential in every area of your life. The knowledge of the Vital Yoga teachers coupled with the teacher training format combine to develop more authentic, prepared, and  confident teachers than other yoga teacher trainings.”  Korynne Headley

“I participated in the first Vinyasa Teacher Training program offered by Vital Yoga. My experience was unforgettable. I loved the instructors and their attention to details. I learned about Ayurvedic Health, anatomy, and proper postures.  It was a lot of hard work but the commitment was well worth it.  I loved it so much that I participated in the first Vital Roots Teacher Training program. Now with a double Yoga Instructor certification I dedicate my practice and instruction to Vital’s philosophy of Learn It, Live It and Share It. I now teach for Vital Yoga and a local health club as well as manage Vital Yoga’s Workplace Wellness Programs. I’m sharing my love and passion for yoga with our community.” Ken Santistevan

“I participated in Vital Yoga’s teacher training in order to augment the work I was doing with a graduate social work field internship with a local nonprofit that teaches yoga to underserved populations, including individuals with disabilities.  As a person who lives with a disability (chest-down paralysis from a spinal cord injury), I wasn’t entirely sure that any teacher training program would be able to suit my needs.  However, Vital’s instructors were generous, inventive, and willing to invest themselves in making the experience as rich and successful for me as it was for my fellow trainers.  I feel that my world, my perspective, and my heart grew exponentially from working with the Vital community.  I came away with more than I ever could have expected (or can now articulate!), including a solid foundation in yoga principles, teaching techniques, and overall understanding of my body, my self, and the world around and within me.”  Missy Holubek

For registration or information about the Vital Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training, please call our Highlands studio at (303) 477-8545 or email  info@vitalyoga.org

For application click Fall 2013 TT application